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The “2019 Coronavirus Disease”, also known as the “Novel Coronavirus”, began to spread around the world at the end of 2019, and deaths due to the pandemic were happening every day. Some people had lost loved ones, some had lost their homes, and many people were separated because the world had come to a standstill…




Artist Biography:

Kink LEUNG, born and raised in Hong Kong in 1964. He graduated from the photography course at the New York Institute of Photography and is now an independent photographer in Hong Kong. He has always been concerned about the current social situation and environmental issues, and used this to develop his personal photography project.

Leung has participated in many local photography competitions and joint exhibitions, such as the “18x24” organized by the Lumenvisum in 2014, and the “Trapped” photography competition and joint exhibition organized by the Society for Community Organization (SoCO) in 2017, as well as the 2019 WMA photography competition and joint exhibition with the theme of “Opportunity”, etc.



Book Size: W210mm x H297mm

Printing: Black and White

Pages: 280 pages

Language: Chinese and English

Edition: 1st Edition, Dec 2023


Publisher: brownie publishing ltd.



《Pandemic.Emotion》Kink Leung

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