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In August 2014, we called for submission through social media for the self-portrait that represented themselves the most from participants that came from all walks of life including general public, artists and professional photographers. This project aimed at creating an interesting platform for exchanging ideas and experiences about photography, as well as engaging the public to reflect on the thinking about this generation of Hongkongese through the images collected.  In June 2015, the 100 pieces of self-portraits selected from the submissions has been presented in an exhibition and complied into this photo book. A photo book that belongs to every Hongkongese.

Book Size: W180mm x H240mm
ISBN: 978-988-13632-0-6
Pages: 160 pages
Printing: Soft Cover
Edition: 1st Edition, June 2015 – 1,000 copies
Language: English, Chinese
Publisher: brownie publishing ltd.

《100 Self-Portraits of Hongkongese》100 Hongkongese