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Good Days And Years” is a photography collection debut presented by photographer Helen Fung (as known as page organizer of “海倫視角”). This book mainly records the ordinary days when Helen was living abroad in Japan during 2018 to early 2020.


Helen regards those days in Japan as memorable and precious time, every single moment became a valuable and unique memory. Through capturing and recording images day after day, Helen found the support for her walk of life, career, and also inspired her in the photography field. Unexpectedly her life started to change gradually. The days in Japan marked a huge milestone in Helen’s life – she discovered what could hit her emotions strongly and more importantly found the passion in life again. By converting these precious images into a paper publication, Helen believes the selection could lead readers to a rather peaceful extent away from the ever-changing world.


* Estimated publication date: mid-July



About the photographer:

Helen Fung, a Hong Kong based photographer, who organizes the page “海倫視角”. She is a former copywriter, whilst since 2018 she has started her photographic career when living abroad in Japan. Her work is characterized by natural aesthetics, in particular the capture of genuine emotions in portraits, while hoping that it could heal and cure every individual soul via her work.



Instagram: helenamfung

Facebook: 海倫視角



Book Size: W171mm x H231mm

Printing: Color

Pages: 242 pages

Language: Chinese, Japanese

Edition: 1st Edition, Jul 2022 (tbc)

ISBN: 978-988-75201-6-0

Publisher: brownie publishing ltd.




《Good Days And Years》Helen FUNG

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