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Which way do you prefer to travel? Do you follow paths already trodden, or do you follow your sense of exploration and see where the journey takes you? Join a photographer and anatomist as they take you on an amazing journey into a universe that they have recently explored.

The Trek is not a textbook or an atlas of human anatomy. It is an expedition that helps you better understand yourself if you savor the chapters with a dose of imagination. After all, isn’t that what travel is all about?



Lap Ki CHAN(Anatomist)
Lap Ki Chan is currently an associate professor in the School of Biomedical Sciences, the coordinator of the Body Donation Programme, and the deputy director of the Bau Institute of Medical and Health Sciences Education, at the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine at The University of Hong Kong. He has a background in orthopedics and physical anthropology and teaches gross anatomy to medical and healthcare students. His academic interests include innovative pedagogies in anatomy education, problem-based learning (PBL), team-based learning (TBL), interprofessional education (IPE), and faculty development. His teaching excellence has been recognized by such awards as the Thomas Henry Huxley Instructorship from Duke University, Outstanding Teaching Award from The University of Hong Kong, and the Bronze Discipline Award (Life Sciences) in the QS Stars-Wharton Reimagine Education Awards.

CHAN Dick(Photographer)
Chan Dick loved to draw at a young age. He went on to study graphic design, and first began involved in photography when given his graduation assignment. As a still-life and architectural photographer, he is devoted to creating personal works, often touching on social issues and everyday life discoveries. He has held 7 solo photography exhibitions to date.
While fascinated by simple lines and minimalistic compositions, Chan Dick’s works tend to embark on the ambiguous attraction between reality and illusion. This is best shown by his series “Chai Wan Fire Station”, which earned him first prizes respectively at the the Tokyo International Foto Awards in 2016, and the Hong Kong Photo Book Awards in 2015. During 2017 and 2018, this series was exhibited in Japan, the Netherlands and Hong Kong, and was collected by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Japan’s Irie Taikichi Memorial Museum of Photography Nara City.
Chan Dick’s other notable projects include “No Compromise”, which documented Hong Kong student activists, and Dismayland”, which explored a kind of absurdity that exists in modern cities. Both series won in the International Photography Awards (IPA). His other works have also been exhibited at international photography festivals in Cambodia and Pingyao of China.

Book Size:W290mm x H320mm
Pages: 88 pages
Edition: 1st Edition – 700 copies (June 2018)
Language: Chinese, English

Publisher: brownie publishing ltd.

《The Trek》Lap Ki CHAN (Anatomist), CHAN Dick (Photographer)

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