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Listening to the Silence is the first officially published book of TANG Ho Lun, Hong Kong photographer. It is a still-life photography work which focuses on rusty nails.

This book exhibits photographs of nails collected in the busy streets in Hong Kong. Fallen off from their original positions, the nails lost their function and naturally evolved into an imagery of ‘rebels’ that do not conform to the social norms. A sense of relief came after destruction but sank into obscurity. The photographer further personalizes the collected nails with subtle backdrops and lighting through which unorthodox images are produced for readers to think about the silent nature of life.

Book Size:W187mm x H260mm
Pages: 68 pages
Printing:B/W and some color pages
Edition: 1st Edition, Sept. 2016 – 500 copies
Language: Chinese, English
Publisher: brownie publishing ltd.

《listening to the silence》TANG Ho Lun

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