Hong Kong independent journalist LAM Yik Fei ‘s work have been featured in various international and local media. So unsurprisingly, during the latest Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement, his work has also featured in “New York Times” front page, bringing up-to-date situation each Hong Konger’s face to the world, and to gain international attention towards the movement.


Thus, the book ”Woh Yuhng”, which in Cantonese means “peaceful” and “valiant”, is the combination of these unforgettable photo works. Whether is the touching scene that unite every real Hong Konger, or the brave protesting scene that inspires us to continue our movement, all of these unforgettable memory were what every Hong Konger endure during 2019, and as well as a prelude that we will continue fighting for our freedom and social justice in the future.



About the Photographer:

LAM Yik Fei was born in Hong Kong in 1986. His works have been featured in various international and local media. In 2019, he photographed nearly every protest in Hong Kong, a place where he calls home and he had lived as a child. He is a recipient of the Award of Excellence in the category of National/International News Picture Story in 77th Pictures of the Year International. The photographs were exhibited at the “Be Water!” The Strategy of Resistance in the Hong Kong Protests, a special exhibition by the World Press Photo in 2020.


Book Size:W280mm x H250mm

Binding: Hard Cover


Language: Chinese and English

ISBN: 978-988-77971-6-6

Publisher: brownie publishing ltd.

Edition: Aug. 2020, 1st Edition – 3,500 copies


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《Woh Yuhng》LAM Yik Fei


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