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The first photobook by Wilson LEE, one of the most popular local photographer, recording the city’s pluse from high above start from his study in Japan.

"Before the sky turned dark, I got ready to see Japan in its blue coat. A top-down perspective allowed me to see a lot more than I expected. In front of my eyes was the city’s pulse. Light trails from cars on highways are the city’s veins and gave it life. Lights from buildings gathered to form a twinkling map of stars. Time is flowing and I could see it there.

This series has become my ongoing project ever since then. Maybe I just don't want it to come to an end. The end of my connection with this country. This book is about exhausting ourselves to do what we love when we are still youth and I would like to share mine with you."

Sponsored by Sony.
Book Size:W264mm x H264mm
Printing:Color, collate into a transparent PVC box
Edition: 1st Edition, Apr 2016 – 500 copies
Language: Chinese, English


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