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“HKG” - Hong Kong’s International Airport code. Illustrative of the city’s transient nature, this code was used as the title of the photo book produced by Hong Kong photographer Vincent Yu in 1998.


“HKG” intended to be a record and testimony of the 1997 transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong from British to Chinese rule and the political and social effect on its people. The title is about to be re-published 20 years on. In addition to the original photographs, new images since 1997 will be incorporated in the latest edition. While reflecting the past under the concept of “Borrowed Place, Borrowed Times”, the publication also confronts the reality of present. “HKG - 20th Anniversary Edition” is expected to be hit the shelves in March 2018.  A limited edition of the first 97 copies will come with a signed print measuring on archival paper by Vincent Yu.




Artist Biography:


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Vincent Yu has been a photographer for Associated Press since the mid-1980s, covering major news events across the Asia-Pacific region. As a close observer of Hong Kong’s social and political developments, Yu portrays a unique sensitivity towards the city’s ever-changing environment through his images. He dedicates his effort in documenting Hong Kong’s vanishing cultural heritage and architecture, as well as the different communities who adapt and thrive under the impacts from the changing landscape.


Yu is an acclaimed photographer across the journalistic and documentary genre. Yu’s works are included in the collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum and he was honoured with many international awards, namely “National Headliner Awards - Feature Photography category, 2nd Place” (2004), “World Press Photo - People in the News category, 3rd Prize Place” (2010) and “Pictures of the Year International – Photographer of the Year, Award of Excellence” (2013).


Book Size:W235mm x H210mm
Pages: 160 pages
Edition: Aug. 2018 1st Edition – 500 copies
Language: Chinese, English
Publisher: brownie publishing ltd.

《HKG – 20th Anniversary Edition》Vincent YU

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    • Orders will be processed within 5 working days after successful payment
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