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In spring, 2017, young photographer Etienne LEUNG participated in an artist residency in Onishi, a small town with the population of seven thousand people in the Japan’s Gunma Prefecture, Japan, which she shot a short documentary film.

Being motivated by the local residents’ enthusiasm and vitality of life, Etienne wandered around in the town during the process of shooting her film, and captured candid moments in town through photography, exploring how the local people found happiness in their everyday lives.


GNMA - In the Mountains of Japan’s Gunma Prefecture is the 4th project of brownie publishing’s BAKING COLLECTION, a series that support new-wave artists.




Artist Biography:

Etienne LEUNG, born in 1992 and raised in Hong Kong, she went overseas to further on her studies. She spent more than 10 years in the United Kingdom and concluded BA Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins (London), followed by MA Cinematography at Met Film School (London). Etienne is currently a freelance cinematographer in Hong Kong.


As a tattoo enthusiast, Etienne has been considering working on stories about particular tattoo artists from different countries.  She is hoping to get to shoot her first feature film in the near future.


Book Size:W149mm x H160mm
Pages: 80 pages
Printing:Color and B/W
Edition: 1st Edition, Nov. 2017 – 300 copies
Language: Chinese, English
Publisher: brownie publishing ltd.

《GNMA - In the Mountains of Japan’s Gunma Prefecture》Etienne LEUNG

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