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Life is just a playground.


The meaning of a "Playground" is different from everyone.  It is shaped by time, spaces and personal experiences.  It exists in various forms in our lives.  We use a playground as a way to relieve anxiety and feeling deep down in our minds.  A playground, no matter how we try to explain it, is always the place where the emptiness in time and our souls would be filled up.



Artist's bio:

Hang TAM is a Hong Kong photographer. He believes photography is the only way for him to feel his own existence. It fills up the emptiness in time and soul of his life. He rediscovers and reinvents himself, one picture at a time. it is, perhaps, the reason why he keeps taking pictures.



Book Size:W210mm x H297mm

Pages: 188 pages

Printing:Black and White

Edition: 1st Edition, 2015

Publisher:  - (Self-publishing by artist)


《Playground》Hang TAM

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