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Mǎorganic = Mǎo + organic, is a series of photographic works where "Mǎo" is the pronunciation of the Chinese word "冇", which means "no or nothing". Indeed, "Mǎorganic" connotes "not-organic" or "inorganic". The production of man-made landscape is an attempt to reshape nature through emulation, simulation, zoning and control, which in turn influences or even dominates our understanding of natural

landscapes. In the end, man-made landscape simply becomes our definition for nature itself. Therefore, this work explore the relation between man-made and natural objects in order to understand how they change or rectify people’s perception to what nature is, trying to seek answer as to on what foundation modern city dwellers define nature.



Artist's bio:


The "Dialect", formerly known as "PhotoIntel Macau", is a photographic group and platform which based in Macau. Co-founded by four independent photographers in 2017, "Dialect" is dedicated to exploring the

infinite possibilities of photography and giving new impact in photography to Macau through various forms of exhibitions, discussions and activities.


Alan Ieon

Born in 1987. A graduate from the Department of Physics, National Tsing Hua University of Taiwan, Alan takes photos that are inspired by the various changes occurred after Macao handover to China. His works focus on such themes as city landscapes, urban/national regime an