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Fu Pao Mary is an independently published photography zine, which publishing by four Hong Kong-based photographers, Raby Chan, Alex Fung, PW and Paul Yeung. From the various topics featured in each issue, photography experiments and responses are included by the four photographers with their distinctive interpretations.


In this volume, 10 Hong Kong photographers across the world scattered in Finland, the United Kingdom, the States, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, had contributed a series of their work in response to one subject issue: displacement.


As rootless as Hong Kong has ever been, being displaced, perhaps, denotes a root that has sprouted during a set of borrowed time and space - during 2021, what and where have we displaced? Is it in Poly U? Is it our moving home? Or, the floating clouds up in Hong Kong’s sky, the views flashing out the window in a foreign country, a room faraway home, a bleak and tedious journey, a letter from homeland…


My fellow Hongkongers, are you doing well?




Authors include:

高仲明、賴朗騫、陳焯煇、Crystal Wong、姚尚勤、楊天帥、Paul Yeung、PW、馮凱鍵、方家遠



Book Size: W88mm x H125mm

Printing: Color

Pages: 10 books, 20 pages each

Language: Chinese

Edition: 1st Edition, Jan 2022

ISBN: 978-988-75201-4-6

Publisher: brownie publishing ltd.




《Fu Pao Mary》PhotoZine Vol.2 - Displacement

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