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"Here we are presented with the city and its objects - with humans like robots and robots like humans – all evidencing our disastrous footprint. Our architecture and infrastructure appears weak and insubstantial – a stage-set that is no longer useful. Photographed largely at night, there is a sense of impending doom, of a world spinning out of control, a world of greed and inhumanity; a visual cry of pain from those furtive, dark-eyed inhabitants left to dissect, bottle and preserve animals in a dystopian nightmare. To exaggerate the point, there is an underlying harshness in the approach to this work, with framing and cropping and black shadows that cut aggressively into the subjects.
It is unusual that two photographers are able to work so closely, but Rusty Fox, his name predictive and descriptive of his approach, has found a close ally and collaborator with Chong Hoi. They work with one voice - angry and somehow deeply, darkly poetic, as somewhere a white balloon drifts towards the moon."
- Julie Cook

Pages: 288 pages
Printing:Black and White
Language: Chinese and English
Edition: 1st Edition, 2016 - 300 copies
Publisher:  - (Self-publishing by artist)

《BRUTAL》Chong Hoi & Rusty Fox

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