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Photography x Word,Girl Photography School《Feminart》 founder (Iris Cheng) Mood diary.
I would like to dedicate this work to those who like the simple life. Attached there are 8 pieces of letter paper. This design encourages you to pick up the pen to write a letter to people around or to yourself, telling the most authentic thought from your heart.

From 2013
Every day with a text paragraph,
Record wonderful life anecdotes

It is strongly believed that life snapshot in every moment has an indescribable symbolic meaning.
Sometimes, a scene tells a story and little things which bring bright sparkles to life. It also signals the splendid story line later.

Book Size: W230mm x H132mm
ISBN: 978-988-13632-4-4
Pages: 112 pages
Printing: Color, perfect bound, with 8 letter papers
Edition: 1st Edition, Jul. 2016 – 500 copies; 2nd Edition, Jul. 2016 – 500 copies
Language: Chinese
Publisher: brownie publishing ltd.

《Girls’life - Embracing silent moments》Iris CHENG

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